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All the Things I Like About You 2021

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Joey and her husband, F, couldn’t be any more different. Joey is bubbly and charming while F is quiet, elusive, and downright cold sometimes. When Joey’s company assigns her to work on a project that’ll inspire people to reminisce on their youth, she decides to write a book about her own, and it turns into a memoir of her and F’s love story. As Joey looks back on how she met F, it’ll take her on a memorable journey through her life, first love, and how the “Ice Man” became the warmest person she knows.

This is a memoir of a couple of lovers, recording their warm and lovely stories. By telling the teenage problems in a humorous tone, the author sketches the heroine’s changes of being tough and independent, and a ten-year company from the boy. Hereby you may feel how sweet love could be, and how touching and uncommon life could be.

  • Only You Are What I Love, Not This World,
    I Don’t Like The World, I Only Like You,
    I Don’t Need This World, because I Only Love You,
    Мне не нужен этот мир, ведь я люблю только тебя,

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